Red Bridge Counselling
Brand for an independent counselling service. For this brand the focus was on the clients love for bridges and the idea that a bridge is never build by a single individual but needs collaboration and idea sharing to complete, in this case 'the bridge of healing'.

Created at Destroythebox Creative
Darrah Selanders, Realtor
A brand for a realtor that specializesĀ in rural/small town real estate. Showing real estate in a non-traditional way this unique mark encompasses the idea that she 'holds the key to the country'. With two different colour palettes the logo can be transitioned from fall/winter to spring/summer.
Southwood Dental
Southwood Dental is an Edmonton based dental office located in Millwoods. The goal was to create a brand that exemplifies a family friendly and welcoming office. The identity uses bold, unique colours and a pattern that makes the identity versatile for many different applications.

Created at Destroythebox Creative
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